Silvers Circus Acts

With artists from all parts of the world, Silvers are proud to present a wide range of acts in their shows.


Click on the acts below to find out more about them. You can also click on the image for each to see a larger version.


Gypsy Gomez

Gypsy comes from Argentina where she was taught as a child her circus skills. She will leave your head spinning as she manipulates up to 80 hoola hoops whilst balancing on a giant mirror ball. Having numerous hoops thrown in her direction all at once is just one of her many talents. 



Today, meet the comedic stylings of the juggling Monchito!


Ariel Barralle is a second generation circus performer from South America. In his years he has performed in several disciplines including trampoline, juggling, aerial straps plus performing with his family the traditional Argentinian dance of the Gauchos.


Rosita Gasser

Sixth generation Swiss circus artist, Rosita Gasser performs a unique and very modern display on the Roman Rings with elegance, poise and style. Her strength and control during performance has stemmed from being a solo, double and flying trapeze aerialist from the tender age of eight and a lifetime in the circus.


Silvers Magic

Be mystified by Simon and his beautiful assistants as they present the latest in Las Vegas style illusions.


The Comedy Clowns

Expect the unexpected!! Dominik Gasser and his comedic friends will tickle your funny bone with their crazy and hilarious antics.


The Globe of Death

Dominik Gasser, Ricardo Costa-De-Araujo & Jean Michel Lyelzkorozky Cardona make up our 3 Phoenix Riders who speed around inside of a 3 1/2 meter diameter metal globe. Missing not only each other but the brave Jessica Dobson by mere millimetres, they will certainly test your nerves while showcasing their expertise.


The Ringmaster

ring-master2Simon Tait is an internationally renowned ringmaster and master of ceremonies. With over 25 years in the entertainment industry Simon has a great rapport with his audience, wielding humour, command and personality.


Rich sumptuous tones in the timbre of Simon's voice and his vocal gymnastics enables Simon to woo his audience. 


Performing with a number of Australia's leadning circuses as well as The Moscow Circus and the Great European Circus, explains Simons comprehensive knowledge and passion for the circus industry and lifestyle.


Simon says; "There is a child deep within all of us, however I have the great opportunity to realise that child every time I step out on stage! And with a little coaxing am able to prise the child from within each and every person in the audience. Together we can then run away with the circus."


The Wheel of Steel

Two young men with nerves of steel, Dominik Gasser and Ramon Kathriner, run, jump, skip and flip through a routine of sheer physical ordacity, just as the apparatus they challenge defies description.


It's wheels osolate and revolve from group level to dizzying heights.


This spectacle will leave you chewing your nails and squirming in your seats.


The Wheel of Steel... (For strong constitutions only!)


Yibi Gomez

Latino, Yibi Gomez, is a juggling genius who has an extra twist to his act, unlike normal jugglers who throw things up, Yibi does the opposite, throwing his numerious balls downward and contending with the rebound.


His act is a marvel of sight, precision and certainly something to behold. 



Agility, speed and precision is just some of what Yonas sowhcases here as he manoeuvres high above on unicycle after unicycle. Wheels are this mans thing and you will be surprised over and over again!