Silvers Circus Acts

With artists from all parts of the world, Silvers are proud to present a wide range of acts in their shows.


To find out more about our acts click the images below..


globe of deathThe Globe
of Death
Lidy Juggler 18Juggling
Lidiya Dawed Ebrahim
Wheel of Steel Main 18The Wheel
of Steel
The Jratlou FamilyThe
Jratlou Family
Gypsy Gomez 18Hula Hoops
Gypsy Gomez
Comedy - PicoloComedy
Daniel Vilar 18Juggling
Daniel Vilar
Monchito 18Comedy
globe of deathMagic &
Yonas 18Yonas
The Yeneta BrosThe Yeneta Bros
Simon Tait Ringmaster 18The Ringmaster
Simon Tait